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The latest Tweets from Aaron Trubic (@aarontrubic). Serial outside thinker, tangent-prone world explorer, award-winning musician, author, producer and Proper Villain. Thoughts my own. Atlanta, GA

Of Broken Agency Models

If something has a Golden Age, you can bet it eventually goes to hell. Without such a stark contrast, the good times just wouldn’t look so… gilded. And now we’re bemoaning advertising’s “broken model” and clients are beseeching agencies to fix the business we’re in.

Maxing Out Achievement Metrics

With the ability to measure just about every dimension of online activity, marketers have had to shift their thinking from the days of no data to now “all data”, when what’s not required is a graduation to “right data.” Filtering to just the essentials doesn’t just save time, it’s imperative to demonstrate understanding and competence.

If There’s a Dimension, Test It – Proper Villains®

There’s a popular story about record executives at major labels that used to enlist focus groups and phone polling before sending singles to radio. They’d play a song for someone, and ask them to rate their preference for the tune on a scale of 1-5, 5 meaning they absolutely loved it, had to hear it …


Aaron Trubic is a technologist specializing in online growth markets, for brands like Luxottica, City Winery and Bruno Magli. For over 15 years, he’s educated the C-suite on how to capitalize on emerging technologies as an original innovator of programmatic marketing and one of the world’s first SEO experts.

Aaron’s unique combination of leadership and practical experience includes engagements outside of the typical ad agency model, including management consulting and multiple venture turnarounds. His warmth, curiosity, and open-minded approach to business challenges bring a rare and deeply human approach to highly technical disciplines.

Aaron draws from an almost depthless well of creativity when helping clients set marketing technology strategies and solve complex problems. His uncommon range of skill sets marry deep tech with marketing and advertising strategy and make him a sought-after advisor in a range of industries.

Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Technology at Proper Villains®
Founding Partner & Chief Operating Officer at HudsonWide Partners LLC (acquired & merged with Proper Villains in 2015)


As an experienced studio and touring musician, recording engineer, producer, vocalist, cellist and writer, Aaron Trubic has proudly garnered numerous commercial recording credits spanning 20 years as well as tour performances in Europe, Asia and North America.

Aaron is also a published writer on recording industry practices and the evolution of digital music. A believer in the Free Music Philosophy as well as a proponent of new industry business models, Aaron has been a champion of independent artist’s rights in the digital age and has served as a direct consultant and advisor to major and independent record labels.

As a songwriter and producer, Aaron has received national (charting top 10 Hot AC in major US markets) and international radio airplay, and can still be heard on networks like Fox Sports and VH1.

A bass player steeped in traditional Blues and Soul, Aaron has worked with many legends of classic American blues and roots music.

Aaron currently resides in Atlanta as both a touring (sometimes) and studio musician, working with artists, among them, local, regional, and national acts, and Grammy® winners.


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